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Do Performance HT Leads Make A Difference?

What do Performance Leads do? 


Performance HT leads…Have you ever wondered what goes on under the hood of your car when you start the ignition? We have become so used to our car’s instantaneous firing up that it is almost taken for granted that your car will be purring in seconds. What is the process though? 


Let’s take a moment and get technical; an ignition lead consists of a coil, that is encased in a sturdy insulation to contain electricity. Inside the coil there are two sets of wire windings that are coiled around one another. The two sets, known respectively as a primary and a secondary set, surround an iron core. The secondary set is made up of thousands more windings, in order to create higher voltage. The number of windings will subsequently determine the level of voltage that the wire can handle. 

Volkswagen Vento, Vr6,obd2 Formula Power 10mm 3 Core Race Performance Lead Sets


Performance HT Leads are Worth it


The magnetic core allows electrical energy to pass from the primary to the secondary set based on a “step-up” transformer principle, meaning that it transforms one voltage into another that is higher. Simply put, the primary set receives a low voltage from the battery and generates a magnetic field around it. As soon as the flow is interrupted, the magnetic field collapses, creating or inducing a higher voltage in the secondary set. This is the current that then gets directed to the spark plugs. Due to their connection from the battery to the spark plugs, ignition leads are often referred to as  spark plug leads. They are also known as high tension (HT) leads, the tension in this case referring to voltage. 


There are many factors that lead to the wearing out of spark plug leads and it will be something to look at replacing at some point during car ownership. 

Fiat, Seicento 0.9 Inj.(187) Formula Power 10mm Race Performance Sets Fp358


Formula Power 10mm HT Leads 


Our 10mm High Energy Formula Power Race Performance leads are individually made to measure for your car, eliminating the need to cut the HT leads to size. Our cable core is imported from the US and is top quality. Our ignition leads offer extreme insulation property, well in excess of 50KV. Due to the very low resistance, the spark produces is of excellent quality. The center is Kevlar, wound by stainless steel, 70 windings per millimeter. They are able to carry up to 90 000 volts within an engine compartment of 400°C. They have EPDM silicone inner insulation, as well as high temperature silicone plug boots with grip ribs. Our high quality ignition leads are ozone, fuel, heat and oil resistant. 


Best Performance Spark Plug Leads 


If you have noticed recently that your car lacks power, acceleration and is less fuel efficient than before, it might be time to invest in our high quality 10mm HT leads. We also offer 7 or 8mm leads, should you require it. Our ignition leads are manufactured in England and can be shipped worldwide. From Spain to Netherlands, France to the USA, we can help you with bespoke HT lead solutions. We cater to a vast variety of makes and models. If you are unable to find your specific vehicles make and model on our website, do drop us an email and we will gladly add it to our list. 


Whether you need Audi, Fiat, Honda or even Ferrari performance leads, Formula Power has the custom made lead for you. Visit our webpage today for more information at or call us directly on 0208 896 9172. We look forward to hearing from you.

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