Volvo 240, 260 2.7, 2.8 Formula Power 10mm Race Performance Ht Lead Sets.


                             IMPROVING ENGINE EFFICIENCY SINCE 1988 


When did you last change your plug lead set?

Upgrade for improved performance & Reliability.
Our 10mm Performance Power Leads are individually made for your car,

 so no need to cut leads to size. 

Complete sets supplied.
 Extreme insulation property-well in excess of 50KV
 Very low resistance-which gives excellent spark quality.
 Stainless steel wire wound conduit for longevity.
 EPDM silicone inner insulation.
 High temp silicone plug boots with grip ribs.
 Oil, Ozone,fuel and heat resistant.
High temp silicone plug boots
Guaranteed to outperform OEM wires.

Especially Beneficial with LPG/GPL

Specialists in Bespoke Sets for Modified engines etc.

To Fit Models

                                     Volvo 240, 2.7. 79>80.  (P242, P244, P245)

Volvo 260, 2.7, 74>82. (P262, P264, P265
Volvo 260, 2.8. 80>82. (P262, P264, P265)

                                       Delorean, DMC-12,  81-83.  Volvo engine


RED, BLUE or Black 10mm RACE CABLE

Please Quote FP199 when ordering.

Guarantees all the power from your coil or coil pack reaches your plugs.

Can be made for most cars includingKit Cars.


Quote from AM Quarterly, the Aston Martin club Magazine

" The ultimate cable for spark efficiency for the Aston Range.        

"A typical   energy drop is an amazing 1-2% compared to 15-18%."

The leads are also exceptionally efficient with  LPG/GPL vehicles, 

due to producing a stronger spark, so more gas burnt, so producing 


V8 owners reporting 15-20% saving.

                     Do not confuse these leads with standard leads, 

they are far superior.  All leads are KV tested before leaving our factory.The leads are guaranteed for 10 years if fitted with care and removed with care 

All leads are made to measure, not universal type.

If you cannot find the set you want, please email us, 
SKU: 182959589248

Upgrade for improved performance and stronger spark.

Our 10mm High Energy Formula Power Race Quality

Leads are individually made to measure for your car, so no need to cut leads to size.

  • Extreme insulation property-well in excess of 50KV
  • Very low resistance, which gives excellent spark quality.
  • The centre is kevlar, wound by stainless steel, 70 windings per millimetre
  • , and will carry up to 90,000 volts with an engine compartment temperature of up to 400°C
  • EPDM silicone inner insulation.
  • High temp silicone plug boots with grip ribs.
  • Oil, Ozone,fuel and heat resistant.
  • Specific OHM resistance for hotter spark at plug.

lease contact us for prices.




If handled carefully, your new HIGH ENERGY Formula Power leads, should last for years. Only fit new leads when engine is cold.

  • Replace leads one by one.
  • When pushing in the ends, please make sure they are at the right angle and pushed in securely. You should hear a click and feel firm.
  • When removing leads, do not pull them out hold holding the cable. Hold the boot and give them a slight twist first before pulling them out.
  • Removing cables is best done when leads are cool, rather than hot.
  • To check cables are fitted properly, run the car a few miles and then re check, in case any boots have come loose from not being connected properly.
  • Please make sure that around the spark plug area is clean from oil etc, before fitting.
  • When the cable is warm, you can usually fit them into clips, otherwise we sell cable spacers.

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