If handled carefully, your new HIGH ENERGY Formula Power leads, should last for years. Only fit new leads when engine is cold.

  • Replace leads one by one.
  • When pushing in the ends, please make sure they are at the right angle and pushed in securely. You should hear a click and feel firm.
  • When removing leads, do not pull them out hold holding the cable. Hold the boot and give them a slight twist first before pulling them out.
  • Removing cables is best done when leads are cool, rather than hot.
  • To check cables are fitted properly, run the car a few miles and then re check, in case any boots have come loose from not being connected properly.
  • Please make sure that around the spark plug area is clean from oil etc, before fitting.
  • When the cable is warm, you can usually fit them into clips, otherwise we sell cable spacers.


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with any questions or help needed.